My novels cover an eclectic range of genres from the Gertrude Wine Mysteries, where black humour is blended with food-inspired crime stories, to the Victorian Ghost Story collection where history is infused with gothic horror and irony. Also in the works are an unconventional romantic comedy and a strange novel about filmmaking, travel, creativity and death.

The Revenge of the Milanese Butcher

The first novel of the Gertrude Wine Mysteries, The Revenge of the Milanese Butcher, is to be re-published to include The Secret Milan Travel Guide and will be launched in the summer of 2020. This is a food-inspired, black comedy, crime mystery. Gertrude Wine is an American chef in Milan and when a dead body is discovered in her restaurant, she assists with the murder investigation due to a series of food clues.

As I was living in Milan at the time and doing a lot of historical and location research for the book, the Milan Travel Guide will include all of my discoveries regarding this very secretive city.

The Umbrian Medieval Herb Garden

This is a murder mystery set in Umbria where Gertrude Wine investigates another crime connected to food. This time Gertrude Wine finds herself collaborating to solve a murder, for which her archeological friend is accused. Medieval herb recipes are discovered, along with ancient monastic kitchen garden sites and family feuds, all seeped in hundreds of years of history and a few too many dead bodies.

This is the second book in The Gertrude Wine Mystery series and will be published in September 2020. It will also include special travel notes about the Upper Tiber Valley.

Ghost Story Collection

These ghost tales are a short-story collection of Gothic horror mysteries set in the Victorian era in England and Scotland, and solved by an eclectic group of people.

The book will be launched in autumn 2020.

The Art House Fish, The Jam Tart Documentary, The Lost Rhinoceros Film Set, and the Mystery of the Director’s Tibetan Death Mask

Short stories about jungle, ocean, desert and dessert-inspired travels; a jam tart debate; the creative and crazy world of film-making and following one's calling; and a comedy about the fear of death. Stories that combine black comedy, authenticity and imagination.