Children’s Books

The following children’s books are a collaboration with my super cool and talented mother, Jean Tori, who is an extraordinarily unique and amazing artist. Jean began painting illustrations for a series of books I am writing and sometimes I write stories around the artwork that she paints. It’s not the usual way to do things, but it does make for some creative storytelling and design work.

The Wizards and the Whale

The Wizards and the Whale is an inspiring story about twelve wizards from different kingdoms who each receive a call on the wind. They are all invited to Wild Island where the Worldly Wizard awaits them. Each wizard embarks on their journey to reach this important destination, where they discover that the mysterious Worldly Wizard is actually Willow the Whale. She knows that the world needs help and she asks these wise wizards and their animal friends to collaborate and come up with a plan to help.

Leo’s Birthday Adventure

Leo’s Birthday Adventure is about Leo the Falcon and his birthday party idea of getting all of his friends together on his wonderful tropical island. Plans progress, but soon there’s a catch when the ferry boat breaks down. The adventure continues as Leo uses his creative imagination and help from his friends to find a solution. In the end a painted sailing ship reunites all his friends together in time to celebrate and eat cake.

Elliot and the Perfect Wave

Work-in-progress. This will be the second book in the Animal Adventures Series. It’s a tale about a pig named Elliot who has a dream of surfing the perfect wave.

Jean is busy painting the illustrations for the new book while I am busy writing it!

We'll be launching this book this summer (2020).
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Jean Tori’s Alphabet Story

The title is still a work-in-progress, but this will be our first book in the Alphabet Story Collection, illustrated by Jean with tales of dogs and their alphabet letter wish lists.

A group of furry friends have taken creative control of all that is wonderful in the alphabet, from treasure-island maps to jigsaw puzzle rabbits, and houseboats. It’s a creative journey for the imagination.

This book will be launched in the autumn (2020).
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